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Author's Note: I can do this because I get bored very often and I love to write fanfictions....

     I wander around Fungi Forest, since DK is allowing me.  It is beautiful in Fungi Forest, I absolutely love it.  I could just relax here all day.  I notice a entrance with a purple rim around it and there are beautiful daisies on the ground.  I decide to take this entrance, it smells nice in here...  Leaning down, I pick a daisy off the ground and smell it... It smells nice.  
    Twirling the daisy between my fingers, I continue wandering through the long entrance until I come to an open field.  Wow, there are lots of daises here!!  I look ahead and notice a shed in the center of the open field.  It is surrounded by water, too.  The shed has a water wheel on the side of it.  I decide to walk over there and take a closer look at it.  I jump over the water and head to the door.  Hmm, should I go in?  I ask myself.  Pushing the door, I decide to go in the shed.  It smells of saw dust in here, in which I do not mind the smell.  I notice there is a wall blocking the other side.  I ignore it and glance around the shed.  Not much here other than a few boxes, some kind of wheel with spikes on it and a conveyor belt.  My eyes flicker to the wall so I decide to search for the entrance, if there is one.  I feel around and notice a push.  I push through, hesitantly.  I notice some type of monster in here.  He has green hair, a blue body, wears black biker gloves, a black leather vest (zipped up), black boots and sun shades.  The door moves and I fall to the floor, groaning.  He notices me and runs over here, I begin to crawl away but he grabs my ankles and yanks me back.
    "No!  Let me go!!" Kicking, I shout.  He yanks me up to him and grabs me by the neck.
    "Where are the Kongs?!" He exclaims.  
    "I don't know!!" I lie, to protect them at home.
    "You must know, otherwise you would not be in here." He growls.
    "I don't.  I am just a wanderer." I answer.
    "Yeah, right.  Tell me where they are." He repeats, gripping my neck tighter.
    "Ow!  That hurts!" I cry out, trying to pry his hand from my neck.
    "Why were you wandering around anyway?  How do you know this place?" He demands answers.
    "I've heard about it and I ran away from my home, okay?" Once again, lying.  I want to protect DK and his friends. 
    "You are pathetic." He sighs.
    "Thanks, I've been told that my entire life." I narrow my eyes and notice tears flow out.
    "Ugh, please don't cry.  I am just mad because you don't know where they are." He releases my neck.
    "Why do you need to know where they are, anyway?" I wonder.
    "Because, my leader, K. Rool, told me I need to find them or he will murder me." He responds.
    "Don't listen to him, just run away.  Trust me." I suggest.
    "Who are you anyway?" He asks.
    "I am Krystal.  Who are you?" I ricochet his question.
    "Just call me Kasplat.  You shouldn't be wandering around here." Kasplat answers.
    "Eh, I get too curious.  So, I decided to wander here." I brush it off.  My eyes flicker to his hair, then back to his shades.  I want to touch his hair...  Doubt he would let me.  I think I will just ask, the worst he could say is no.
"Why are you looking at me?" Kasplat asks, backing up.
    "Can I feel you hair?" I wonder.  Damn my curiosity...
    "What?  No, you cannot.  Go away." He answers.  I approach him.  He places his hands on my sides and holds me back.
    "I want to feel your hair, it looks awesome." I groan.
    "Go away.  No one touches me." He growls.
    "Please." I beg.
    "No, Krystal." He says.  Hmm, how can I win?
"Please.  If you let me, I will go away.  Don't be so sour, I can see a heart in there somewhere." Trying to bargain here...
    "You will go away if I allow you?" He asks.  Yes!  I am getting somewhere!!
"Yes, I will go away." I answer.
    "Fine..." Releasing my sides, he sighs.  Reaching my hand out, I run my fingers through his hair.  I am hesitant...  His green hair is so silky and soft, I love it.  And the color, is a brilliant green.  I hear a small groan escape from his throat.  Should I stop?  He grabs my wrist then moves my hand back and fourth along his hair.  I notice he brings us closer, to where our chests our touching.  I place my free hand on his leather vest.
    "Do you like this?" I wonder, my heart beating audibly against my rib cage.
    "Honestly, yes.  It feels good.  I am always treated so cruel and I've never been treated nicely.  How can you touch me?" He asks, disgusted in himself.
    "Because, I have a heart.  And like I said, I can see you have a heart." I answer.  He buries his face in my neck.  His warm breath causes my breath to hitch and chills to run down my spine.  Is he going to hurt me?  I ask myself.
    "I am not going to hurt you, you are just so warm.  I like this." I suppose he read my thoughts.  Or he is just reassuring me so I don't try to hurt him.  Are we having a moment, other than him trying to kill me? 
"Good." I nod.  He grabs my hand that is on his chest and holds it.  His skin is sort of cold, but I am super warm and this is a unique combination.
    "You should probably go." He sighs.
    "Probably, but I really don't want to yet.  I'd like to get to know you better.  You are... Unique." I admit.
    "I know, and I want to get to know you better.  I've never had contact with humans." Kasplat whispers.  
    "I am sorry.  Well, I've never had contact with anything like you.  But I like this." I respond.  I am just being honest.  
    "Where can I find you?" Kasplat wonders.  Crap...  I don't want to tell him...
"I will just be anywhere, honestly." I reply.
    "Okay, good.  So will I." He answers.
    "I will see you around then, it was nice seeing you have a change of heart and not kill me." I pull myself away from him.
    "Until next time, Krystal.  For the record, you are beautiful." He admits. 
    "Thank you." I go crimson.  He nods and I decide to head back to DK Isle.  I would love to see more of him, he is very unique.  And his hair is just awesome.  I love the feeling of it and the color.  It is amazing.  
    I finally arrive back at DK Isle and head to see DK.  He is shocked once he sees I've returned because before finding Kasplat, I was wandering around Fungi Forest for a few hours.
    "Hey, how was Fungi Forest?" DK wonders.
    "Pretty fun, but I am pretty drained." I yawn.
    "Go to bed then.  You look pretty tired." DK responds.
    "I am going to.  Goodnight." I reply.
    "Night." He says.  I walk to my room and close my door.  I cannot get him off my mind right now.  I lie down in my warm bed and pull my blanket up to me.  I stare at the ceiling until my eyes shut and I drift off to Lala Land...

    Seven weeks later...

I've met up with Kasplat at least once after that day and it was fun.  We were at Angry Aztec and we were just talking to each other, getting to know each other.  He had told me something interesting about his hair, it changes color according to his mood.  I think that is pretty neat.  Red means angry, blue means sad, yellow means happy, green means calm and purple means in love.  Although, he has told me he has never had the purple.  So he has never been in love.  But I think I am falling for him...  I am weird...
    I dress in black parachute shorts, a red hip hugging tank top and a black muscle shirt.  I decide to leave my hair down today since it is behaving and being straight like it is supposed to...  I look at my reflection in the mirror.  I need eyeliner.  Grabbing my eyeliner, I apply it...  Thick and dark.  A knock on my door startles me.
    "Come in." I respond to it.  DK walks in here.
    "Hey, we are going to Frantic Factory, want to join us?" He asks.
    "Um, no I will pass.  Not feeling up to going." I reply.  I need some time to myself, who knows, I may go venture by myself again and hopefully run into Kasplat. 
    "Okay, we will see you later then." DK answers.  I nod and offer a light smile to him.  He smiles and leaves me to myself.  I continue adding the final touches to my outfit.  I am glad he trusts me...  I don't like it when people don't trust me.  Especially since I never judged him and just accepted him.  
    After I am done in my room, I scope out around the house.  They are out of here.  So I head outside and check out the place.  No one is here, yay I am on my own...  But it is really hot out right now.  I pull the ponytail holder from my wrist and pull my hair up into a quick ponytail.  Stupid heat.  I take my shoes off and decide to go for a swim.  I swim near the Frantic Factory and notice an opening at the bottom.  I take a deep breath and swim through it.  After a bit, I surface and climb up the ledge.  The sign says "Gloomy Galleon Cave".  I decide to wander in there.  The music here is beautiful and the water drops make it a whole lot better.  To my right, I notice a small cove filled with water.  I walk into the water and swim down.  The water is so beautiful, very blue and clean.  I look around as I am under water.  Above, I find four metal beams.  I surface and reach for the beams, ugh I can't reach them!!  I try to jump, my hands can't grip the metal since they are wet and I fall right back into the water.  I surface once again and hear footsteps on the beams.  I look up and notice Kasplat, his hair is red.  He must be angry.  
    "Krystal?" He asks.
    "Yes, it is me.  Why are you angry?" I wonder.    
    "Just angry with my leader." He answers.  I pull my hair down and manage to make it look alright.
    "I'm sorry that you are angry." I reply.
    "It is fine." He responds.  Kasplat reaches out his hands.  I place my hands in his and he pulls me up.  
    "Thanks." I shiver.  Man, the air in here is cold.  
    "Not a problem." He nods.
    "I-Is there anything that will calm you?" Crossing my arms, I ask.
    "You're cold.  Come here." Kasplat opens his arms.  I lean into them, man he is warm.  But why did he avoid my question??
    "You are warm, what is up with that?" I wonder.
    "Sometimes my skin is warm." He answers.  I look up and notice his hair is green again, question answered.  I suppose I calm him...  Sweet!!  
    "Yay, you are calm now." I smile.
    "You calm me, and make me happy." He admits.  Oh, his hair turns yellow now. 
    "You make me happy, too." I can't smile anymore than what I am.  I look up and notice his hair turns purple.  I gasp.
    "What?" He wonders.
    "Your hair is purple." I blush.  
    "Well, I have come to conclusion that I have a heart and I love you." Kasplat admits.  
    "I have fallen for you Kasplat.  But there is one thing you should know." I back away and narrow my eyes.
    "What is it?" He wonders.
    "I am friends with the Kongs...  And I don't want you to hurt them." I admit.  
    "I don't care.  I am done hunting them down, I want to be with you and I am not letting K. Rool stop me just because he can't be happy with anything.  I love you and I want to be with you." Kasplat explains.
    "I am glad.  Then I can be yours." I hug him.  He holds me tightly, but not too tight. 
     "I am glad, too." He chuckles lightly.
     "I love you.  You are unique." I state.
     "I love you, too.  We can be unique together." He whispers...

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