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    Frigid autumn air hits me as I sprint away from my home.  I am lost, hurt and just want to go die somewhere.  I don't know what I ever did wrong for my parents to hit me like that!  I am always good unlike my older brother.  I listen to my parents all the time and never doubt them and I get hit.  On the other hand, my brother disrespects them in any way possible and never listens to them, and they treat him like he is an angel!  Why is life so fucking unfair?!

    "Krystal get back here!" I hear my parents shout in a distance.  I look back at them; I can only see the porch light.  I push my legs faster and keep going on.  I don't know where I am going but I would rather be anywhere but there.  I look ahead of me to see a dark forest.  Not even thinking, I run into there and pull out my flashlight.  My pace slows once I get a bit further into the forest.  I stop for a minute to even my breathing.  One reason why I hate sprinting, it does not help my asthma.

    I continue wandering through the forest.  I don't exactly know where I am.  I mean I have seen this forest before but I have never buun in it.  Sweet leaves fall as the trees sway with a slight breeze.  The sound of the trees calms my nerves.

    I hear a twig snap and I gasp.  I look around, at all angles.  I don't see anyone.  I feel a raindrop, followed by many other drops.  Ignoring it, I continue to wander aimlessly through the forest.  The lights mist of raindrops turns into a heavy downpour.  Oh how I love getting soaked, note my sarcasm.

    Moments later, I stumble upon a truck and a shack beside it.  Hesitantly, I shine my flashlight in the truck window.  I spot a knife and a corpse.  I back up slowly.  I turn around and I am in front of the small shack.  I put my hand on the door knob and turn it.  The door opens and I enter the shack, hoping for a less scary shelter.  All I see in here is a table with two chairs and a few blankets.  I examine the blankets; they are clean and smell of fresh linen.  I may as well use them, I am sopping wet and freezing!  Pulling the blankets to me, I curl up in the corner of the shack, trying to stay warm from the rain and frigid air.  I listen to the rain outside which makes me fell tired.  I lie down and turn my phone on silent because I already know my parents will keep calling me and the ringtone will soon annoy me.  I switch my flashlight off.  As I lie here and listen to the rain, my eyes begin to grow weary.  Before I knew it, my workd went dark and I was out...

    My eyes flew open and my body jolts upright.  I look around me; I am not in that shack anymore.  I am somewhere else, just not sure where.  I look ahead of me and see a fire place surrounded by the most beautiful marble - someone rich must live here.  I continue admiring the place.

    "You're finally awake." I hear a males voice, deep and soft with sort of a Franco-American accent.  I gasp and look behind me.  I see a tall guy, towering over me.  He wears a black suit with rainbow polka dots on it, a white undershirt, a read bow-tie at the collar and a dapper top hat.  He is like freakishly tall.  This is a mockery of my childhood.  When I was a child, I always had a fear about people towering over me.  Now I am eighteen and it is happening again.  I begin to back up slowly.

    "I am not going to hurt you." He says in a soft tone.  I notice I am closer to the fire place, feeling the radiant warmth.

    "Please...  Stay away from me." I plead.  I catch a glimpse of hs face.  He has a big grin on his face and black eyes, no whites showing, just pure black eyes.  But he doesn't have a nose.

    "Please Krystal, let me help you." He whispers.

    "How do you know my name?!" I ask.

    "Please calm down and I will explain myself.  Please." He pleads.  I stop and sit here.  He sits down on the ground in front of me, Indian style.  I hug my knees to myself.

    "Fine." I sigh.

    "I know your name because I watched you.  You were hurt by your mother and father so you ran away.  I know it sounds bad and creepy because I did watch you.  But trust me, my intentions were not to stalk you in any sort of way.  I was just wandering around after a birthday part and I happened to notice you.  And I knew you were in the forest so I brought you in here because you were cold and alone.  I didn't mean to harm you.  I would never harm anyone unless a reason is given." He explains to me.

    "Who are you?" I wonder.

    "My name is Splendorman." He responds.

    "What an odd name, but I believe you.  Thank you so much for helping me." I answer.

    "Not a problem.  Want some hot chocolate and cookies?" Splendorman asks.

    "Um, sure!" I answer, despite the fact that I am really hungry...

    "Okay, I will be back." Splendorman says.  I nod in approval and he sweeps away from the room.  He has a nice house, too big for one person.  I look at the furniture.  Nice beautiful black sofas and a very beautiful glass coffee table that sits on a cherry oak wooden floor.  I am on a black rug that is soft, thick and furry.  I really like it.  I wonder how people get the money for these things.  I hear talking in the kitchen.  I get up and sneak to eavesdrop.

    "No, she can't stay here!  Don't you know humans put us all in danger?" I hear another male, deep and kind of rough edged with a German-American accent. 

    "Slenderman, come on!  She does NOT want to go back to her home!  Her parents abuse her constantly!" Splendorman is trying is hardest to whisper.

    "Yeah, well other people have the same problem.  Some people are worse.  Splendy, you can't save everyone." Slenderman says.

    "No, but I can try.  Have you even seen her?  Shes is super beautiful!" Splendorman responds.  My cheeks turn a little warm and I smile a bit.

    "No, I have not seen her." Slenderman replies.

    "You should come meet her." Splendorman suggests.

    "Why should I do so?" Slenderman asks.

    "Because you're my brother and you need to meet new people.  And learn to trust people." He answers.

    "Fine, where is she?" Slenderman asks, giving in.

    "She is in the living room." Splendorman answers.  Shit, I need to go back by the fire place!  I thought to myself.  I scurry back to the fire place and sit on the rug that I adore.  I hear footsteps.  I notice it is Splendorman.  He flashes a smile at me and comes to sit by me.  Behind him is a tall, faceless man who wears just a black business suit with a white undershirt and a black tie.  His skin is snow white but his hands are like a charred black.  I notice that on Splendorman, too, but his skin is a bit more tan.

    "Krystal, this is my younger brother, Slenderman." Splendorman says.

    "Hi." I wave awkwardly.

    "Hey." Slenderman replies.

    "Want to join us for some hot chocolate and cookies?" Splendorman asks.  How the hell would Slenderman even eat or drink anything?

    "Sure.  Our brothers should be home soon." Slenderman says, sitting on the rug.  More brothers?  Who else is there to meet?  I ask myself.

    "Oh!  Yes, good thing I have an extra pot of hot chocolate and an extra tray of cookies!  I know how Sexual Offenderman can get!"  Splendorman exclaims.

    "So, I am going to meet more people?" I wonder.

    "Yes, our family actually." Splendorman answers.  I sip on the hot chocolate.  It is delicious, ever so sweet.  The cookies are great as well.

    "Who all is in your family?" I ask.

    "Me, Slenderman, Sexual Offenderman, Trenderman and our father, Cabadath." Splendorman answers.  This is going to be fun...

    "Oh, okay then." I reply.  I hear the door open.  I see three people walk in.  Splendy swiftly gets up to greet them at the door.

    "Krystal, this is Trenderman, Sexual Offenderman and our father, Cabadath." Splendorman points to each member.  Trenderman looks like Slenderman but is wearing brown khakis with a blue undershirt and a brown sweater vest over it, and he has glasses on, in which I don't see the point in wearing them since he is faceless.

    Sexual Offenderman is almost the same but he has a mouth and wears a long black robe with boots and a fedora.

    My eyes flicker to Cabadath.  He is taller, faceless, wears a long, black, tight fitting trench coat that is buttoned up, black pants beneath is, black boots that have a height to them, and around his neck is a white cloth that comes from his collar down to his pectorals.  I notice his hands have blood stained wrapped around them.  What logic is this?  Trenderman and Sexual Offenderman have white hands, the color of their snow white skin, yet Slenderman and Splendorman both have charred black hands?  I thought to myself. 

    "Nice to meet you guys." I say, politely.

    "Nice to meet you, too." Cabadath says.  He walks over to me and kneels down to look at me.  My heart begins to beat audibly against my ribcage. 

    "You have been abused, my dear." Cabadath whispers.

    "Yes she has dad, and I was going to ask you if she could stay with us for a while." Splendorman says, looking at us.

    "As long as she can keep her mouth shut about who we are and what we do, I am fine with it." Cabadath replies.

    "Yes!  Krystal, we are going to have so much fun!" Splendorman exclaims.

    "Guys, you really didn't have to take me into your home." I narrow my eyes, feeling guilty.

    "Hey, you need some escape from abusive parents." Sexual Offenderman chimes into the conversation.  His voice is deep and seductive.

    "That is true...  I agree with my brother, honey." Trenderman says.  His voice is merely lighter but has Splenderman's accent.

    "Fine, then I will need to go get my things and emanicpate myself from my parents." I agree to it.

    "Let me walk you." Splendorman offers.

    "That would be nice." I don't think twice about passing up the offer.  Splendorman and I leave.  We walk through the rainy forest, good thing he had decided to grab an umbrella. 

    "My brothers will take some time to get used to." Splendorman says, apollogetically.

    "I noticed that.  it is fine though, I know how to handle a lot of things." I reply.

    "You are a pretty tough woman, and beauty is the plus." Splendorman states.

    "Thanks, Splendy." I smile.  He nods and we continue walking until we are at the place I used to call home.  I open the door and run to my room.  I shut my door and lock it.  I grab a few duffle bags and a huge suitcase.  I start ripping through my dresser and closet and stuff clothes into my suitcase.  I run around my room grabbing everything I need as an individual, including my emergency lifetime supply of money.  Once I am done with everything, I go out and grab my keys for my Kia Soul. 

    "Where are you going?" My dad asks. 

    "I am moving out.  I am done with you fucking pricks.  I hate you, mom and Brian.  For all I care, you can all fucking die." I snap.  My dad looks like he has been punched in the gut. 

    "You're not going anywhere." My mom says.

    "Watch me!  Fuck you!  I am going to court for emancipation!  See you then!  Burn in hell!" I rip up my family photo and throw it in their faces.  Then I slam the door behind me and run out to my Kia.  I load my things and grab Splendorman's hand.

    "You're going to have to tell me how to get there by car." I state.

    "Okey doke.  Ready to go?" He asks.

    "Yes, more than ready." I answer.  We get into my Kia, I turn the engine on and speed off.  I am ready...  Ready to start over...  Ready to meet new people...  Ready to have a new family...  I am fully ready to be complete and happy again...

To be continued...

 Author Note: Slenderman, Splendorman, Trenderman, Sexual Offenderman and Cabadath do not belong to me.  Krystal belongs to me.

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